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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ   

To which countries you can deliver online order?  

 - delivery to Switzerland can be ordered via: hempfy.com 

 - delivery to Europe can be ordered via Amazon.de 

- delivery to Germany can be ordered via: hempfymarkt.de 

- delivery to France can be ordered via: hempfy.fr

- delivery to the UK can be ordered via: hempfy.co.uk

- delivery to the Sweden can be ordered via: hempfysverige.com

- Sparkling H wine is also from availible from www.sparklingh.com.

What are the delivery costs?   

Delivery costs for: 

-  Switzerland: 7.00 CHF by Swiss Post

- Germeny: 4.99 EUR by DHL or Hermes

- France: 7.00 EUR by La Poste

- UK: 6.00 GBP by Post Office

- Sweden: 100 SEK by NordPost

- Europe: 13.99 EUR by DHL.

In case of non-standard order, like big quantity or over-sized order, price may vary.

Do Hempfy products have an intoxicating effect?

No! Hempfy products are THC free. Therefore, there are no psychoactive or intoxicating effects. That means you can use them before an important meeting or at work :)

Is Hempfy really legal?

Yes! All our products comply with Swiss law and are legal in most countries, since they are not psychoactive (THC free).

Is Hempfy really 100% Swiss Made? 

Yes! And we are proud of it :) Our production process is simple: We select seeds, grow our hemp and then harvest. Final products are made and packaged in Switzerland. Our Hemp is cultivated by Olivier. His family has been growing hemp for more than 200 years and Olivier decided to start production again 18 years ago.

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Do you make special discounts ?

Yes! As we are just starting our mission to bring hemp benefits to more people, we need your help! This is why we offer special discounts for our Facebook fans. All our fans receive temporary discount codes on Facebook… but time is limited, stay tuned!

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